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Tanning Salon Dubai – Best Tanning Salons in Dubai

Despite the fact that Dubai has beautiful coastlines offering the ultimate recreational game to enable the sun to kiss our bodies. Nevertheless, we should not ignore the damage caused by rising sun to our skin. Our skin is so fragile and we shouldn't spoil a great opportunity while having a lot of time on Dubai's warm coastlines. Dubai has a fantastic pool of brilliant tanneries. Occupied here are the best five tanneries in Dubai that offer amazing sunlight tanning items and administration. As the sun directly gives vitamin D to our body, we cannot sit in direct sunlight due to ultraviolet radiation. So a sunburn is much needed for a sunbathing. People from Europe and America meet each year on the beaches of Dubai, because in their own environment the sun cannot look out in Dubai. They come so far to enjoy sunbathing. They arrange a trip by rent a car in the UAE and putting their paths to the beaches

  1. Sunpoint

Your life must not be blinded, but rather your brown! The Sun Point Tanning Center is the place to be. It gives you an informative, efficient, clean, comfortable, private, skilled and simply amazing tannery. It is a vantage point among Dubai's most knowledgeable tanning salons, providing you with wonderful tanning services, such as splash-brown, tanning overnight boarding tanneries.

  1. iTan Lounge

Life is better in shade! Right! So why not shade your body. In the Lounge is a beautiful tannery in Dubai, which offers brown and brown tan of the brown skin material. It ensures that your body gets the perfect degree of sunburn that affects you to look leaner and more sexy. iTan provides the best and safest light on your skin while having a solid and impeccable brown.

  1. Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Currently there is another catalyst delay that gets premium indoor tanneries in Dubai. This is one of the best tanning salons in Dubai offering tanning and collagen administration. Hollywood Tan uses a wide variety of latest items and innovations, including tanned corners and beds, red light treatments and tan showers and ointments.

  1. Plush Tan

If after all you haven't discovered one, then look at Plush Tan to get a nice brown with a solid glitter. Plush Tan is loose to give you the ideal brown. All you need is to choose them Golden, Caramel, Latte or Chocolate! What you need to be at the end of the week and go to Plush Tan while you feel the place to get your ideal brown.

  1. Etoile Beauty Center & Tanning Studio

Etoile is another best tannery in Dubai that transfers tanning preparations with brilliant objects and latest methods and innovation. It offers a shower, hand use and double sunbathing. Etoile Beauty Center and Tanning Studio are located at Marina Walk in Dubai Marina.

The Mercedes G63 AMG is probably one of the most popular cars in Dubai. Today we take a look at what's so special about the Mercedes Benz G63.


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7 practical tips for traveling the world

I continue the topic of tourist advice. Past tips (travel tips and travel tips in this article) were very useful for blog readers, so it's time for new ones. These "chips" are insignificant at first glance, but this is only at first glance. Experienced travelers know that these tips save a lot of time and money, and make your vacation more comfortable.


1) At airports, while passing through a search for a flight, get in line for businessmen. So you get on the plane much faster. Businessmen have a much higher level of self-organization, and they almost always have fewer things. Most of all you will wait if you stand in line for families or retirees.


2) Find out what type of aircraft you have. Different models of aircraft have different levels of comfort. For example, the small Boeing has no Wi-Fi, the legroom is very small, the seats are uncomfortable, there are no TV panels mounted in the seat backs. In general, before buying tickets, look not only at the price but also at the level of comfort. 


3) If you are going to live in hotels must check online booking and car hire service you can get rooms at half price using the services of Priceline or Hotwire, just by making a bet on a number slightly higher than the previous one in a few minutes after the end of the auction. This is a kind of auction of numbers, who made a bit higher, then gets it.


4) Ask for upgraded rooms. Some hotels offer rooms for the same price, but a class higher, if you just ask for it. When a hotel has available rooms, in order to gain the trust and respect of its visitors, its administration can provide the best apartments.


5) If you are traveling with friends, you can book a suite. Dividing the cost of apartments at all, it turns out the same room rate if you lived separately in a regular room. Good options for suites can look at all on the same Hotwire and Priceline.


6) Stay longer than a week? Rent an apartment or house! It is often cheaper and more convenient to rent an apartment or house on the Airbnb service than to book hotel rooms.


7) Go to the supermarket and buy a meal. The cost of dinner at a restaurant is quite high, but to go to a local supermarket and then cook something for yourself is a great way to save a large amount of money.


In combination with the knowledge of the articles “Initial Travel Tips” and “ How to travel if there is no money ” you can not only reduce your expenses but also make your vacation more comfortable. Use these tips and travel. All the best!

Speed Limits Changed on Abu Dhabi Roads

Abu Dhabi has implemented new speed limits for motorists. The usual 20 km buffer allowed to motorists is now eliminated. This means if the speed limit is 140 km/h the motorist has to stay below 140 km/h at all times.

Speed limits with no buffer?

In the past, a 120 km/h speed limit meant you could drive up to 139 km/h speed. This ‘buffer’ of 20 km/h was to help motorists stay within the speed range. Now they have to stay below 140 km/h to avoid fines. Crossing the speed limit by even 1 km will lead to a speeding ticket. You have been warned. The buffer is removed to ensure even more security on the roads. According to Abu Dhabi Police the decision was taken after several studies and deliberations that suggest this will help eliminate confusion among motorists. One of such studies was conducted by UAE University on the effectiveness of speeding cameras

What about Dubai speed limits?

Dubai will retain the grace limit of 20 km/h. So the elimination of speed buffer is only for Abu Dhabi roads. It’s important to be careful while driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi especially when you hire a car from monthly car rental. After Jebel Ali it is critical to follow Abu Dhabi speed rules. So ease that gas pedal once you cross Jebel Ali.


This also means drive time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi may increase initially. This is because motorists may not be sure about the new speed limits. The highway speeding is likely to decrease over time.

Some Relief: 50% Discount on Fines

In a relief to motorists, Abu Dhabi Police has announced a 50% reduction in fine amount. This means a speeding ticket of 600 AED is now 300 AED. This decision was taken in combination with the elimination of the speed buffer. A massive public awareness campaign has been started as well. The campaign is informing motorists about these changes for Abu Dhabi.

The root cause of road incidents in UAE remains speeding. While speeding has reduced significantly in recent years, the current moves should bring it down even further. If you are a tourist visiting UAE, you need to be aware of these changes in order to avoid speeding fines. If you are a UAE resident, the new rules will help prevent black points on your driving license.

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Source: http://ejarcar.com/blog/news/speed-limits-abu-dhabi

What Dubai Taught Me and the Things You Should Experience There Too

Oh! Things in our memory chip happened when we knew about them, or they experienced it. It occurred to me when I went to Dubai, and after I saved the one, I stored in my memory chip, to make sure I was getting worse. When I was grown, I decided to go to Dubai with my friends. I was young and heard about Dubai dinner is the name of the wine and eats with the glory of the world's beauty with casinos, pubs, clubs, and bars. So I was happy with the clubs when I was young and the beauty of this temporary charm attracted me to himself. So I did not think much and after some planning, we arrived at Dubai airport. Chilling in our reserved hotel room after the leader of a casual and comfortable rent a car Dubai. After a quick afternoon break, we planned to explore the trails, streets, and beauty of this manga-shaped island with new and exciting mood. My experience taught me the following things about Dubai.

Warm like hell

Yes! Dubai is as hot as hell, but fun is as fun as a clown, so ignore its heat to get the best on the market. I. Enjoyment, joy, happiness, and smile as he sees his beauty.


There is no better way to enjoy Dubai Marina than a boat


Little I recognized what I addressed when I received recognition to understand Dubai Marina's Keelboat visits to Marina, Palm and the prestigious Burj Al Arab work, including Dubai pictures.


What I thought would have been a quiet journey in an inflatable watercraft that changed in an exciting trip. I was not willing to go only at that time. So if people miss it, the advice is that they should not accept it for granted.

Apart from being an observer of how the city changed from day to night to the sea, it was profitable. I do not want to see any problems getting back.


To get up at 4:00 in Dubai can mean you're happy

Because of the chance that you did not get the right time for work, you have the chance that you have a lot of energy. For my situation, I made a job in Dubai's nearby desert for a hot air ballooning, and I lost you if you missed it.

There are many more than Dubai to the UAE, for the case, Fujairah

You can spend a night in Radisson Blu Fujairah, in Dibba, a 4-star residence next to 500m from the private coast. There you can paint a wide range of water games, such as sting, swimming, and wakeboarding with a wonderfully crazy enjoyment.

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Vaccination Guide for Travelling to Dubai

Travelling to Dubai for the First Time Must Read This Guide

When planning to travel to a new place, make a conscious effort to know more before you land. Be aware of certain things and know what to expect, surprise surprises and make your trip smooth, even though unexpected things have their own charm. To equip yourself well for your trip to Dubai is a guide to how things can access the exit and everything in between.

Airline and Visa:

In most countries, including the Asian countries, you must have a visa to travel to Dubai. But if you have an American passport, you do not need a visa. Many international airlines are taking trips to Dubai, including those like Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, etc. Qatar Airways is making a stopover in Doha before going to Dubai. Etihad Airways will be in Abu Dhabi, from here you will need a bus or taxi to reach Dubai. It is an hour's drive from here to Dubai.

Best Time to Visit:

Dubai is famous for its burning summers. So first time leaders have to travel better during the winter months. It is from November to March. It is referred to here as a tourist season. So expect crowds and higher prices!


Dubai has affordable rates for hotels and resorts to choose from the accommodation. Rentals like Airbnb also offer youth hostels.

To Get Around:

Like any mega, Dubai has big traffic and there is also rush hour traffic. Remember, they work from Sunday to Thursday and Friday. Saturday is a weekend here. Traffic is easier on weekends. Taxi, Metro, Hop-Hop Bus and Dubai motor vehicles are vehicles in the city. However, you can rent a car with the rental of motor services in Dubai, you can also travel outside Dubai to travel to nearby states like Abu Dhabi.


You will find local residents and expats in regular changing rooms. As a thumb and to avoid unnecessary attention, think conservatively if you take a wardrobe to Dubai. Keep more revealing and flashy clothes to another destination. Even when you're at Burj Khalifa or in Burj Al Arab, you're expected to wear closed shoes with pants, and women should wear covered shoulders and long dresses.

Public Show of Affection (PDA):

Public display of love is also prohibited here and you may come in an undesirable situation or comply with the law.


The currency here is Dirham or AED (Arab Emirates Dirham). It is generally shortened as DH, DHS or ads. You can get money transfers at the airport, but shopping malls also have exchange rates. The conversion rate is slightly better at shopping malls compared to the airport.


English and Arabic are spoken here. Most are fluent in English and road signs are also in Arabic and English. So there are low chances of ending losing here.


As a multinational country, there are many kitchens to try here. But try Arabic specialties like shawarma, curry dishes and seafood varieties are exotic here. You will find a great Asian influence on food here and many good places to eat from Pakistan and India can be found here. Overall, the food is fresh and delicious.


Alcohol is legal and is available to tourists. It can be purchased from legal licensees or from bars. Public drunkenness is forbidden and can put you in trouble. Most of the rooms are equipped with a minibar.


Dubai has many attractions and it serves all tastes and ages. Top is prestigious

Dubai Mall

  • Ski Dubai
    Burj Khalifa
    Burj Al Arab
    Jumeirah Beach
    La Mer
    Ibn-e-battuta shopping mall and many other shopping malls and various water and parks. When you come to Dubai to make sure you have the money to spend and time to enjoy.

What to do When Puncture a Rental Car

If you get a hole in your car, it may be a bit of a nightmare and an expensive one, so what about a hire car if you are the unlucky person who gets a puncture? The simple answer is that you are responsible for the cost of a repair/replacement even if you want to return the car to the end of your vacation.

What if I get a strike during my rent?

If you get a leak in a car rental Dubai, it is likely that it will be during your trip and whatever it will be, you will still want to repair or replace so you can continue your journey. You need the car to check a spare wheel, but many modern manufacturers and no models wear more savings than a repair kit (foam sprayer / electric pump) designed to get you to a tire repair center for replacement. If you do not use the self-employed, we recommend that you call the employee agent for assistance. If you are sure to use the kit, you can do it and your way to the nearest tire repair center.


If you have a puncture (nail/screw / foreign body in the tire), if it is, it can be repaired rather than replaced. A repair center would recommend that a repair is possible, which is likely to be significantly cheaper than a replacement. However, if you need to replace the tires, it must be by the tenant's terms and conditions, or you can pay twice. The band must be the same brand/specification as the other tires on the car, and as our car hire new manufacturers and models, they will be equipped with the premium manufacturer's tire probably significantly more food than a budget tire needs to be replaced. Do not cut corners here by adjusting a budget path, as the tenant is likely to charge you for a replacement for the right tire. Keep the tire receipt/invoice if you need to create it for the lease.

Low tire pressure in a rental car

Modern cars are now regularly fitted with tire sensors that warn the driver to cause a change in tire pressure, which often indicates a puncture. However, the systems are not proven stupid, and it is not uncommon for the warning light to arise if there is no meaning. If you turn on the light shield, we recommend stopping when it is safe to do it and testing all tires for obvious damage/deflation, but if everything looks good, it will be safe to continue your journey. To the nearest fire station/tire repair center, where you can test and breathe pressure if necessary.

If this is not obvious, you have a puncture, but tire pressure is low (you should search the recommended tire pressure on the inside of the driver's soap). If you blow the tape again, it can solve your problem without the need for a costly recovery. / replacement. The tire pressure will change in significant temperature changes. For example, if you have a long-haul on highway driving (especially in the summer), the tire temperature will rise dramatically, which could lead to an increase in tire pressure of up to 5 psi that can activate warning light. Keep in mind that the system feels a change in tire pressure, not just a drop.

Car Rental Surplus Insurance - Tires

Most third-party car rental insurance covers the cost of damage/replacement of the tires, but it is worth checking the small print to ensure that this product is covered specifically.

Source: http://rentalcarsuae.com