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What Dubai Taught Me and the Things You Should Experience There Too

Oh! Things in our memory chip happened when we knew about them, or they experienced it. It occurred to me when I went to Dubai, and after I saved the one, I stored in my memory chip, to make sure I was getting worse. When I was grown, I decided to go to Dubai with my friends. I was young and heard about Dubai dinner is the name of the wine and eats with the glory of the world's beauty with casinos, pubs, clubs, and bars. So I was happy with the clubs when I was young and the beauty of this temporary charm attracted me to himself. So I did not think much and after some planning, we arrived at Dubai airport. Chilling in our reserved hotel room after the leader of a casual and comfortable rent a car Dubai. After a quick afternoon break, we planned to explore the trails, streets, and beauty of this manga-shaped island with new and exciting mood. My experience taught me the following things about Dubai.

Warm like hell

Yes! Dubai is as hot as hell, but fun is as fun as a clown, so ignore its heat to get the best on the market. I. Enjoyment, joy, happiness, and smile as he sees his beauty.


There is no better way to enjoy Dubai Marina than a boat


Little I recognized what I addressed when I received recognition to understand Dubai Marina's Keelboat visits to Marina, Palm and the prestigious Burj Al Arab work, including Dubai pictures.


What I thought would have been a quiet journey in an inflatable watercraft that changed in an exciting trip. I was not willing to go only at that time. So if people miss it, the advice is that they should not accept it for granted.

Apart from being an observer of how the city changed from day to night to the sea, it was profitable. I do not want to see any problems getting back.


To get up at 4:00 in Dubai can mean you're happy

Because of the chance that you did not get the right time for work, you have the chance that you have a lot of energy. For my situation, I made a job in Dubai's nearby desert for a hot air ballooning, and I lost you if you missed it.

There are many more than Dubai to the UAE, for the case, Fujairah

You can spend a night in Radisson Blu Fujairah, in Dibba, a 4-star residence next to 500m from the private coast. There you can paint a wide range of water games, such as sting, swimming, and wakeboarding with a wonderfully crazy enjoyment.

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