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Travelling to Dubai for the First Time Must Read This Guide

When planning to travel to a new place, make a conscious effort to know more before you land. Be aware of certain things and know what to expect, surprise surprises and make your trip smooth, even though unexpected things have their own charm. To equip yourself well for your trip to Dubai is a guide to how things can access the exit and everything in between.

Airline and Visa:

In most countries, including the Asian countries, you must have a visa to travel to Dubai. But if you have an American passport, you do not need a visa. Many international airlines are taking trips to Dubai, including those like Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, etc. Qatar Airways is making a stopover in Doha before going to Dubai. Etihad Airways will be in Abu Dhabi, from here you will need a bus or taxi to reach Dubai. It is an hour's drive from here to Dubai.

Best Time to Visit:

Dubai is famous for its burning summers. So first time leaders have to travel better during the winter months. It is from November to March. It is referred to here as a tourist season. So expect crowds and higher prices!


Dubai has affordable rates for hotels and resorts to choose from the accommodation. Rentals like Airbnb also offer youth hostels.

To Get Around:

Like any mega, Dubai has big traffic and there is also rush hour traffic. Remember, they work from Sunday to Thursday and Friday. Saturday is a weekend here. Traffic is easier on weekends. Taxi, Metro, Hop-Hop Bus and Dubai motor vehicles are vehicles in the city. However, you can rent a car with the rental of motor services in Dubai, you can also travel outside Dubai to travel to nearby states like Abu Dhabi.


You will find local residents and expats in regular changing rooms. As a thumb and to avoid unnecessary attention, think conservatively if you take a wardrobe to Dubai. Keep more revealing and flashy clothes to another destination. Even when you're at Burj Khalifa or in Burj Al Arab, you're expected to wear closed shoes with pants, and women should wear covered shoulders and long dresses.

Public Show of Affection (PDA):

Public display of love is also prohibited here and you may come in an undesirable situation or comply with the law.


The currency here is Dirham or AED (Arab Emirates Dirham). It is generally shortened as DH, DHS or ads. You can get money transfers at the airport, but shopping malls also have exchange rates. The conversion rate is slightly better at shopping malls compared to the airport.


English and Arabic are spoken here. Most are fluent in English and road signs are also in Arabic and English. So there are low chances of ending losing here.


As a multinational country, there are many kitchens to try here. But try Arabic specialties like shawarma, curry dishes and seafood varieties are exotic here. You will find a great Asian influence on food here and many good places to eat from Pakistan and India can be found here. Overall, the food is fresh and delicious.


Alcohol is legal and is available to tourists. It can be purchased from legal licensees or from bars. Public drunkenness is forbidden and can put you in trouble. Most of the rooms are equipped with a minibar.


Dubai has many attractions and it serves all tastes and ages. Top is prestigious

Dubai Mall

  • Ski Dubai
    Burj Khalifa
    Burj Al Arab
    Jumeirah Beach
    La Mer
    Ibn-e-battuta shopping mall and many other shopping malls and various water and parks. When you come to Dubai to make sure you have the money to spend and time to enjoy.