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What to do When Puncture a Rental Car

If you get a hole in your car, it may be a bit of a nightmare and an expensive one, so what about a hire car if you are the unlucky person who gets a puncture? The simple answer is that you are responsible for the cost of a repair/replacement even if you want to return the car to the end of your vacation.

What if I get a strike during my rent?

If you get a leak in a car rental Dubai, it is likely that it will be during your trip and whatever it will be, you will still want to repair or replace so you can continue your journey. You need the car to check a spare wheel, but many modern manufacturers and no models wear more savings than a repair kit (foam sprayer / electric pump) designed to get you to a tire repair center for replacement. If you do not use the self-employed, we recommend that you call the employee agent for assistance. If you are sure to use the kit, you can do it and your way to the nearest tire repair center.


If you have a puncture (nail/screw / foreign body in the tire), if it is, it can be repaired rather than replaced. A repair center would recommend that a repair is possible, which is likely to be significantly cheaper than a replacement. However, if you need to replace the tires, it must be by the tenant's terms and conditions, or you can pay twice. The band must be the same brand/specification as the other tires on the car, and as our car hire new manufacturers and models, they will be equipped with the premium manufacturer's tire probably significantly more food than a budget tire needs to be replaced. Do not cut corners here by adjusting a budget path, as the tenant is likely to charge you for a replacement for the right tire. Keep the tire receipt/invoice if you need to create it for the lease.

Low tire pressure in a rental car

Modern cars are now regularly fitted with tire sensors that warn the driver to cause a change in tire pressure, which often indicates a puncture. However, the systems are not proven stupid, and it is not uncommon for the warning light to arise if there is no meaning. If you turn on the light shield, we recommend stopping when it is safe to do it and testing all tires for obvious damage/deflation, but if everything looks good, it will be safe to continue your journey. To the nearest fire station/tire repair center, where you can test and breathe pressure if necessary.

If this is not obvious, you have a puncture, but tire pressure is low (you should search the recommended tire pressure on the inside of the driver's soap). If you blow the tape again, it can solve your problem without the need for a costly recovery. / replacement. The tire pressure will change in significant temperature changes. For example, if you have a long-haul on highway driving (especially in the summer), the tire temperature will rise dramatically, which could lead to an increase in tire pressure of up to 5 psi that can activate warning light. Keep in mind that the system feels a change in tire pressure, not just a drop.

Car Rental Surplus Insurance - Tires

Most third-party car rental insurance covers the cost of damage/replacement of the tires, but it is worth checking the small print to ensure that this product is covered specifically.

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