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Speed Limits Changed on Abu Dhabi Roads

Abu Dhabi has implemented new speed limits for motorists. The usual 20 km buffer allowed to motorists is now eliminated. This means if the speed limit is 140 km/h the motorist has to stay below 140 km/h at all times.

Speed limits with no buffer?

In the past, a 120 km/h speed limit meant you could drive up to 139 km/h speed. This ‘buffer’ of 20 km/h was to help motorists stay within the speed range. Now they have to stay below 140 km/h to avoid fines. Crossing the speed limit by even 1 km will lead to a speeding ticket. You have been warned. The buffer is removed to ensure even more security on the roads. According to Abu Dhabi Police the decision was taken after several studies and deliberations that suggest this will help eliminate confusion among motorists. One of such studies was conducted by UAE University on the effectiveness of speeding cameras

What about Dubai speed limits?

Dubai will retain the grace limit of 20 km/h. So the elimination of speed buffer is only for Abu Dhabi roads. It’s important to be careful while driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi especially when you hire a car from monthly car rental. After Jebel Ali it is critical to follow Abu Dhabi speed rules. So ease that gas pedal once you cross Jebel Ali.


This also means drive time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi may increase initially. This is because motorists may not be sure about the new speed limits. The highway speeding is likely to decrease over time.

Some Relief: 50% Discount on Fines

In a relief to motorists, Abu Dhabi Police has announced a 50% reduction in fine amount. This means a speeding ticket of 600 AED is now 300 AED. This decision was taken in combination with the elimination of the speed buffer. A massive public awareness campaign has been started as well. The campaign is informing motorists about these changes for Abu Dhabi.

The root cause of road incidents in UAE remains speeding. While speeding has reduced significantly in recent years, the current moves should bring it down even further. If you are a tourist visiting UAE, you need to be aware of these changes in order to avoid speeding fines. If you are a UAE resident, the new rules will help prevent black points on your driving license.

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